Knitwear Designer

My name is Paula Niskasaari and nowadays I call myself – among the other things – a knitwear designer. Even though I’ve been knitting since 1989, it wasn’t until summer 2019 I came up with the idea of designing knitwear. One thing lead to another, and now I find myself spending more and more time in swatching, testing knitting techniques and matching colors. My designs have been published in Knitty, Knotions, Knit Now as well as in Finnish craft magazines Kauneimmat käsityöt and Käsityön ABC. You can find all my patterns in my Ravelry Designer Page.

Knitwear designer Paula Niskasaari

What’s important for me in design and pattern writing?

As a knitwear designer, my aim is to create pieces of knitwear and write patterns that are – more than anything – knittable. It doesn’t mean that they are necessarily super quick or easy, but the WIP is always easy to carry around in your bag (so you can knit when your child is in a dance class), the pattern is quite often easy to memorize (because your head is exploding with everything you must remember anyways), and the item is possible to finish in a reasonable time, even if a lot of your time goes to looking for a lost mitt and repairing the toy bunny that has lost one ear.

As a mom of a six-year-old and a toddler, I know for sure there are a thousand and one things demanding your attention. And unfortunately knitting almost never is on top of your list. I want to create patterns that you can knit for a little while after the kids have fallen asleep and that you can easily pick up from where you left it. (Not on the coach though! Never leave your knitting anywhere where a toddler can reach it!)

I have a special place in my heart for socks, legwarmers and fingerless mitts. I love both muted and bright colors and I never get tired of slipped stitches. I am a geek for knitting techniques and I love trying out new kinds of needles and other tools. However, whenever I want to stay in my comfort zone, I knit socks with stripes. Usually from cuff down, with a flap heel, using wooden DPNs and fingering weight yarn.

When I’m not knitting, I’m an entrepreneur, a leatherworker, a yogi, a mom and a crazy cat lady living in Finnish countryside.

What about collaboration?

I’m always interested in new projects and collaboration. If you are an indie-dyer, a spinner, a blogger, a designer, anything in knitting business with a good idea you would like to share with me – please drop me a line at I’m easily enthused! I also look for new test knitters, so please let me know, if you are interested in hearing from me when I have a new pattern to be tested.